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1 2005 - April, 2018

2 Comments and ratings from professionals are voluntary work.

3 Prime Patent provides benefits including:

  • uploading materials to the prime patent. See a demo prime patent, demo001
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Commission is imposed on you when you receive payment from a transaction with a party who identified or was identified by you through the Site or by another member of the Site for the purpose of the transaction.

The transaction includes:
  • Selling a patent
  • Selling a partial ownership of a patent
  • Licensing a patent
  • Providing a service as an independent contractor: for instance, providing a service as a licensing agent or consultant with the exception of providing a legal service.

Commission is currently 5 % of the Net Revenues.
Commission is subject to change.

During the "Non-Circumvention Period", you agree not to undertake any transaction with the party or to collect any fees in connection with the party without notifying IPLINC by email to

See Terms of Service for more details.